“When we share our story, God gets the glory”

— Kevin Queen, Cross Point Church

Testimonies are super powerful. There’s no argument in that.

They’re powerful because:

1) God’s faithfulness and Love for His children never fails to shine through.

2) We realize we’re not alone. Of course no story is exactly the same but there are often similar elements, similar experiences, similar consequences, similar thoughts and similar emotions. Themes emerge but people’s stories are never something to generalize because God is not general. God is Good, with a capital -G.

Point is, we realize that in listening to others’ testimonies, pain and suffering are universal. But so is redemption. And that fact always wins, that’s what we walk away remembering.

Y’all, God always wins!

And that is the Truth, with a capital -T.

This is my testimony and over time I hope to share others’ as well (with permission of course).

You are not alone.

You are worthy. You are chosen. You are Loved.

With a capital -L.

Do you feel a nudge to share your story? Please pray on it. I say this because I once shared my story before I was ready and the enemy attacked using anxiety and shame.

You’ll know when you’re ready because the enemy will no longer have power of your story. It will solely belong to God, period. And when you share it, you’ll feel free, victorious.

I pray over you for that, friend.

“Not that what happened to me is something you can make sense of, but the purpose of it I guess is just more clear … When I didn’t think that I deserved God, God was still there.” 


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