Music and Worship

"I've been strong and I've been broken within a moment
I've been faithful and I've been reckless at every bend
I've held everything together and I've watched it shatter
I've stood tall and I have crumbled in the same breath

I have wrestled and I have trembled toward surrender
Chased my heart adrift and drifted home again
Plundered blessing till I've been desperate to find redemption
And every time I turn around Lord You're still there

I was found before I was lost
I was Yours before I was not
Grace to spare for all my mistakes
And that part just wrecks me

And I know I don't deserve this kind of Love
But somehow this kind of Love is who You are
It's a grace I could never add up
To be somebody You still want
But somehow
You love me as You find me"

As You Find Me
Hillsong United

“As You Find Me” by Hillsong United. Yep. That’s my song. It completely speaks to my story and the faithfulness of Jesus in my life.

Music though has always been something that just “speaks” to me, you know? Like whenever I couldn’t say what I was feeling, or maybe just wanted to sit in my thoughts and feelings without having to be distracted and consumed by my thoughts and feelings… yeah, music.

I heard it said once that music is what feelings sound like, so I guess the above makes sense.

And as the pastor of our church has said many times, sometimes when we just aren’t “feeling” it, turn on your favorite worship music and listen until you do feel it.


You don’t have a list of your favorite worship music?

You just made my day! I LOVE giving and receiving song recommendations. Do you have a Spotify account? I created a playlist titled, (you guessed it), Simply, yours.

I add to it constantly and I’m seriously always looking for recommendations.

Also, let me know if you have a favorite song and why it “speaks” to you. If I get the OK from you, I’ll add it to a spotlight section on this page!


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