Letters to God

Sometimes we have to just write it out.

Why not write to God?

Writing can be powerful.

Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually powerful, especially when we write to God.

I’ve always felt like I am not particularly great at talking out loud, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

When I struggle to communicate how I feel or what I’m thinking, and I need to process and work through it all, I write.

For whatever reason, I’ve always been able to express myself far better when I write.

And maybe this is true for you, maybe it isn’t. But I do believe that it can help. Writing can provide a doorway to healing through catharsis.

And writing to the ultimate Healer? I promise you it doesn’t get better than that.

Maybe you start by just writing about what’s going on. Maybe you write to your past or future self. Maybe you write to someone in your life.

Or maybe you write to God. I’ve personally done all of the above but writing to God has been the most beautiful process. It’s been incredible to read things I’ve written to Him in the past and clearly see what He is doing in my life.

I feel nudges to share some of these letters with you. Maybe you read them and realize that writing to God is just like writing to a beloved friend. Run with this!

Maybe you read them and there are things that resonate with you. Start here!

Start with these things and write to God.

Run with it and keep going but stay in pace with Him.

I think you’ll see for yourself just how powerful writing can be.

Letters to God

Simply, yours

“You want me to know, truly know, my purpose. And You want me to be equipped to fulfill it. It’s so simple really…I need to be yours before I am anything else.”

Be loved, beloved

“Hope feels like the first warm day after bitter cold winter. Hope is the quenching of thirst after a challenging run. Hope is worshipping and feeling the Holy Spirit move through you and the hairs on your arms and back of your neck stand up and suddenly the words you were singing catch in your throat and your eyes fill up with tears and His presence is so near you swear you could reach out and His hand would appear, open and inviting.”

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