Hello, I’m Lauren

Hello! My name is Lauren. I’m the first person voice you’ll read from time to time on Simply, yours.

Fun stuff about me:

I love Jesus and God, more than anything.

The boyfriend I mention in my testimony video (shared on the Testimonies page), he’s my husband now! You can see one of our wedding photos in a little gallery I shared with y’all below.

His name is Josh and we have the BEST story. I know, I’m biased, but just wait ’til I tell you! God is GOOD.

We currently live in Nashville, TN, which is close to my family in Indiana and Josh’s in Pennsylvania.

Together Josh and I love to travel. We typically take a trip every other month and we want to try to travel internationally once a year. Last year we went to Peru and this year we have plans to go to Chile!

We also love being outdoors. Walking, hiking, camping, biking, running, swimming, working out. We love it.

We both have an obsession with the mountains. All of the photos you see of the mountains on Simply, yours have been taken by either me or Josh.

I have a personal obsession with sunrises and sunsets.

We have a 5-year-old Border Terrier pup named Sandy. She’s hilarious, full of personality and spunk, and will eat any crumb you drop on the floor.

Reading. Also a huge love of ours! It’s a dream of ours to have a library in our house someday. Not kidding.

I love music and love to dance. My favorite place to dance is in a grocery store pushing a cart. Also not kidding.

Another thing I love is to be creative and it brings me so much joy to actively do things that I can ultimately share with others! This includes crafting, cooking, baking, and of course writing!

I want to meet you!

Send me a message with some details about you! Do we have anything in common? Where are you from? What’s an interesting fact about you?

“You’ve got a friend in me”
– Pixar’s Toy Story

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