Mental, spiritual, and emotional health is another form of guarding your heart.

I am here for counseling. All for it, fully support it! I firmly believe that if everyone could have a counselor the world would be a much more peaceful place.

I do personally believe that as Christians we should have Christian counselors. Someone that can refer to Scripture, pray with you and over you, and help you grow stronger in your mental, spiritual, and emotional health so that your heart is more safely guarded as God intended.

In my personal experience, the enemy knew how to break down my defenses and that was typically using my anxiety and exploiting my past to then fire lies at me like flaming arrows.

I recently read something though that really struck a chord with me and it is this:

“Helpless does not equal hopelessness”

In our weakness, we are made stronger by running to the cross and calling on the name of Jesus.

And when we are strong in mind, body, and spirit we can better wear the armor that God has given us (reference the book of Ephesians).

He alone is our greatest strength against any battle the enemy tries to wage against us.

The Lord is our strength.

The Lord is our shield.

The Lord is our rock.

The Lord is our salvation.

Anxiety no longer has a hold on us. Fears no longer have a hold on us. Our pasts no longer have a hold on us. We can call on the name of Jesus and know that He will send an angel army to protect us.

When we are weak, He is strong.

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