Community (noun): a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

Jesus had community.

He had the 12 disciples. He could have had probably thousands more but He chose 12. They traveled together, talked together, prayed together, ate together.

Jesus and the 12 were the first Christian community and we should look to them as an example.

Who you surround yourself with is a deeply important part to guarding your heart. 

Getting involved in and belonging to a Christian community is vital. And I stress the word belonging because there is a difference between being a part of a community and belonging to a community.

You can be a part of something but still feel that you don’t belong.

When we feel that we belong to something, generally we feel that we are accepted for who we are, right? We feel comfortable to be ourselves, to be vulnerable, and just do life together. 

That’s what belonging to a Christian community is about except you have the ultimate characteristic in common: faith in Jesus Christ.

Types of Christian Communities to Consider

Church Community

Small Group

  • Women’s Group
  • Co-ed Group
  • Bible Study
  • Couple’s Group
  • Faith and Fitness Group


  • Serve the City
  • Kids Ministry
  • Welcome Crew
  • Parking Crew

Young Life

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