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You are worthy. You are chosen. You are Loved.

You Are Chosen

“That’s why I’m here. That’s why Simply, yours exists. It exists because my purpose is to tell you that you’re chosen BECAUSE God loves you.”

You Are Not Alone

“But even more clearly I can recall and affirm that Jesus never left me. He was with me every day. I can recall and affirm that God has been ever so patient with me. He didn’t leave me in darkness. He didn’t leave me in that room. He didn’t leave me to be a slave to sin and shame.”

What Being Trapped in Peru Taught Me About Faith and Perspective

This exact time last year, Josh and I were trapped in Peru. You’ll be able to read for yourselves exactly what happened as well as what Josh and I were thinking and feeling during it all. Our faith was tested but we persevered and came out stronger together. The enemy tried to rob us of our perspective but Jesus was all around us, showing us that He is so much more than it all if we only have eyes to see and a heart open to receiving Him.

My Last First Kiss

“Later that night, as we stood outside saying goodnight and he kissed me again, I knew somehow that our first kiss would be my last ever first kiss.”

Be loved, beloved

“Hope feels like the first warm day after bitter cold winter. Hope is the quenching of thirst after a challenging run. Hope is worshipping and feeling the Holy Spirit move through you and the hairs on your arms and back of your neck stand up and suddenly the words you were singing catch in your throat and your eyes fill up with tears and His presence is so near you swear you could reach out and His hand would appear, open and inviting.”

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