How Simply, yours Began

As a Christian, how we’re meant to live life is to love God, love others, love life.

Simple, right?

But easy? No, I’ve never thought that, not even for a moment.

In a spiritual and personal journey I hope to share little by little, I fully accepted Christ as my Savior and was baptized in January of 2020.

I thought the worst was behind me (and in many ways it is, Praise God, but more on that later). However with my newfound identity in Christ, I began to struggle.

When the thoughts and emotions became too much, I began to write. This is an excerpt from my letter to God (full letter available on Letters to God page):

“I feel so lost … You want me to know, truly know my purpose. And you want me to be equipped to fulfill it. It’s so simple really … I need to be yours before I am anything else.”

I sat and reflected on what I had just written, and as only the Holy Spirit can do, I felt a firm nudge. “Start”. I somehow knew what that meant without really knowing the little details and it’s been a step-by-step journey ever since.

The pastor of our church said once, “People generally make more sense in light of their story.” The same could be said for our testimonies and our unique purposes.

So all this to say, I think I’ve known for a while the purpose of my story and what I was meant to do with it. I just needed that firm nudge and that’s how Simply, yours began.

This ministry has only been made possible because of God. We can’t do this without Him.
We can’t do it for anyone else or make it about anyone else except for Him.

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