You Are Chosen

You are worthy, you are chosen, you are Loved.

Let these words wash over you.

I know what you might be thinking because I’ve thought it before too, many times. “Me? Chosen? But does God really know who I am? Do He know what I’ve done? If He does then there’s no possible way He wants me. There’s no way that He has chosen me.”

Maybe you’ve even thought that God made a mistake when He made you.

I’ve been there too.

But oh man.

What a profound, ugly, horrible, couldn’t-be-further-from-the-truth, LIE.

So that’s why I’m here. That’s why Simply, yours exists. It exists because my purpose is to tell you that you’re chosen BECAUSE God loves you. Yes, you!

I empathize with the doubt. I empathize with the pain and confusion. But y’all, Scripture is Truth. The Bible does not lie. God does not lie.

“Loved by God”. I think there’s an intentional order to this verse. Love comes first because love is who God is. And His perfect Love, well it applies to every imperfect person on this earth.

(Spoiler alert: yes, still you!)

I’m ecstatic that I’ve been gifted the story, skills, opportunity, and ability to share this with you many times over because it can never, ever be said enough.

But for now, rest in this truth: You are worthy. You are chosen. You are Loved.

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